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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> and good evening, ladies and gentlemen. open to the entertainment commission on tuesday, november 8. the first item is to call the roll. [roll call]
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we have a quorum. >> public comment. members of the public may address commissioners within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to agenda items, members of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes at the time such item is called. is there anybody that would like to address the commission that is not on the night's agenda? simenon, review and approve the minutes of july 12. and july 26, august 9 and october 11. is there a motion? >> second. >> ok. >> i am going to start over
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here. [roll call vote] >> ok, the august 9 meeting minutes will have to be continued. the meeting of july 12 can be heard. can we have a motion? no, on -- when? july -- the 9th we can't do. but we can do -- we can't do the 26th, but we can do july 12. four people were at that meeting. no, you're right. the remainder of the minutes will have to be continued.
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>> can someone make a motion for those continuances? >> i move to continue. >> second. >> same house, same call. >> item #3, report of the executive director. >> that's me. i have a lot to talk about and i will try to be fast about it. i haven't seen you guys in a while. i wanted to update you on commission appointments. as you know, commissioners, there are four of you out there and an additional commissioner that is not here because of the vacation. there are two vacancies on the commission right now. in terms of creating a corps of -- quorum. we will use these numbers because they are the only thing that are consistent year after
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year. siege #2 and seeded no. 6. there is an announcement -- seat number two and seat number six. potentially december 1 and if need be, december 15 at the latest. we need more people to apply to that position, so if anybody watching or the commission would like to help promote that announcement and that c., that will be really helpful. the male role appointment is on hold, -- mayoral appointment is on hold up until today. it will take some time for the mayor's office to move forward but we will be certainly be asking them on a regular basis.
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you should be aware that the mayor's office has been commenced -- will be requesting to speak with you if the attendance is above 75%. there have been quarterly attendance records oat their request. i think the intent to publish them as well. in an effort to use peer pressure and shame to get you to appear. [laughter] just an fyi. we are moving slowly but surely on credit card payment ability and online forms. i didn't get funding in the fiscal year to get that on line per matt going forward. i have put nicholas on the tasked for moving the payment a little more quickly. it takes too much time in
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government and hopefully we will see it by the end of the year. that is moving ahead and hopefully we will continue to update you and be able to say that we are live and on line. if you want to pay for your permits, you can do it with a credit card. again, i think i reported this on the date of this meeting. october 11, we had america's cup information session and it was really well attended. while they are still in the early planning stages, the event authority is interested in making sure that the nightlife community and the visitors take part in not just watching boat races but getting into the neighborhoods, staying in hotels. we will make sure that the entertainment industry is involved as it moves forward.
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i also wanted to let you know that along with the local grammy chapter and the film commission will be hosting a joint mixer from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m. hopefully, we will be making this quarterly. i attached a flier to your report. if anyone is interested, please come and let other folks know that there will be an event a blank that you can rsvp -- event link you can rsvp. in the last month, there have been to corrective actions we have taken based on violent incidents. based on an incident on the ninth of october regarding a discharge of a firearm, another
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permit violation staff suspended poe 804 issued to mike at the room for seven days. that suspension began the fourteenth of october. he did not reopen the venue and has since transferred ownership. i believe they are in possession but they are not operating -- they are almost done with the their permits. today, based on an incident that occurred halloween evening, essentially, and and around the permanent venue had john collins said 138 ministry, the incident resulted in an aggravated assault and the security plan violations.
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staff and the permit officer met with the permit holders today to discuss the police report that was quite lengthy and the security breaches. i will be issuing a director's order to impose conditions on john collins pursuant to police cut a section 1060. that will be done - -police c -- poliecce code section 1060. that will be done and hopefully we will have no problems again. that concludes my report. president newlin: you will see in your packets, two pages, one for tonight and also won for the twenty fifth of october which was the last meeting. you'll see a few of the things we are currently looking into
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complaints wise. -- complaint-wise. a west trigger for sound, neighbor complains. and we are looking at casa sanchez, also for sound. we are still looking into that particular venue for complaints, working whicith richmond statio. and also at 1108 howard street, an unpermitted venue that we are monitoring closely. we have given them of this, a warning twice. we think they are starting to behave. we are still looking at triggerman and at 11 l a -- trigger and 1108. casa sanchez and rocket room as
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stated earlier is turning into a bigger problem than first expected. when you will see lists of sfpd incidents. the permit officer will go over some of the happenings in his district. just as director caen said earlier, if the commissioners have any questions on those incidents, i can answer them. you'll also see lists of citations given out over the last month. any questions on those sheets? >> the pub, what was the permit violation? >> it was open after 2:00 and
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blocking the sidewalk and partially the street. moving part of the interior of the pub to the exterior environment in the form of tables and chairs for the world's cup rugby tournament. >> i am in that neighborhood and i don't usually see that kind of action. i was curious. president newlin: any public comment on the executive director's report? seeing none, item 4. police department comments and questions.
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>> good evening, commissioners and staff. a couple incidents over the last couple of weeks. we were out their halloween weekend. a couple things on sunday at club horizon. a brief narrative. a 19-year-old male operated, -- entered, he drank vodka until he passed out. the medics arrived in transported the subject to a hospital for treatment. the same night about 12:30 at the hyatt regency, a 22-year-old female was punched in the face. no suspect in custody.
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they did recover the tooth. at 12:25am at the impala, the victim was punched in the face for reportedly no reason. on saturday at atmosphere, security attempted to inject one aggressive and intoxicated patrons. another friend also refused to leave. the two were pushed out into the street where a fight ensued between security and suspects. police intervened and they used his baton to take them into custody. the level of intoxication at the club, sometimes you'll have fights. they seem to happen more often when people are loaded up.
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we look at what they're doing right and what they're doing long, but over serving is always a problem. someone might have a couple drinks before they get there, but it is incumbent on the staff to monitor the people to see who's drinking. at 1:45, the victim was walking toward montgomery and was struck at the face. he went to sfgh for treatment. the suspect approached him and told him that he would stabbed the victim if he told anyone he. the victim told deputies and the suspect was arrested at the hospital. about 10 to 12 males were inside the establishment when
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they began to inappropriately grope female dancers. they warned of them fails to stop and that they were intoxicated and continued aggression. this is when the group became hostile between security and the combatants. employees were able to escort the group out for a physical confrontation continued. going back to the theme of overserving. it resorts to problems. questions or comments? president newlin: seeing none, thank you very much. any public comment on the report from the police department? seeing none, item number five. hearing and possible action,
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bigelow, william. pourhouse, limited live performance. >> there are four applications for permits and before you tonight. this is the first one into the first of the limited live performance applications. the pour houshouse is up the st, wine, beer, and light food. a couple letters came in late that supported the application. i will let william come up and tell you about his business. >> i'm the owner of the pourhouse, i have a small wine bar and we are looking to do
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limited live performances there. higher appreciate you approving this. president newlin: any commissioners have questions? anyone from the public which to address this application? >> motion to approve. >> second. president newlin: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. commissioner cavellini: aye. president newlin: aye. good luck. ok, item b. karthauser, abiah. town school for boys, loudspeaker permit on saturday november 12 from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. >> normally this is handled by
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staff, but we refer this to the commission because it is an unusual applicant. the school is located adjacent to pacific heights. it is a once a year fund-raising event. i will let them who described the event but it is up to the commission to approve and determine the hours. >> i worked at town school and this is the chair of the event. >> good evening, commissioners. we are having a one-time fund- raiser at the school. we sent out letters over the summer to the neighbors and we did not hear any responses. the school has been there for a long time and we have had a good relationship with all of our neighbors. we


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